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TyC Pays Tribute to his Father with ‘Selfish’

It is no secret that we keep tabs on TyC.  Having been featured on site time and time again, I am always impressed by his musicality, originality and willingness to take risks.  For someone who is rooting for him, this one hit deep for me.

As someone who is lucky enough to still have both of his parents around, I already know the day I lose them will be two of the worst days of my life.  While I was caught up in his releases I was unaware of the pain TyC was hiding beneath the surface.  Having recently lost his father to a heart attack, he dealt with the loss as many artists do – pouring everything into his music.  His recent release, “Selfish”, is an ode to 50% of his genetics and the man responsible for where he is today.  

Opening with a voicemail from his father, my heart cries from the first second.  The somber, somewhat distorted, and almost painful tune sees TyC taking the lead on vocals while emotional guitar riffs set the tone.  The incorporation of layered background vocals add to the turmoil that oozes from the track.

While TyC always finds a way to connect with the listener this one is without a doubt his most poignant and meaningful release to date.

We hope he finds comfort in letting his heart hang on his sleeve and shedding his soul for all to hear.  All we can do is send our condolences and hope that the pain translates into more beautiful art.

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