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Tyler Page Unleashes Horror Romance in “Teenage Werewolf”

Paired with a captivating music video, Tyler Page’s latest hit “Teenage Werewolf” embodies the feeling of someone who has changed after falling in love. When the honeymoon obsession gets a bit too out of control to the point where the person in love looses themselves completely, that’s what “Teenage Werewolf’s” foreboding messages is all about. And Tyler’s intense storytelling is brilliantly supported by pleasant, ethereal vocals over an 80’s style synth beat. For those who are already missing spooky season, this one is definitely for you.

But just like in a beautiful vintage horror romance, all the gore (literal and metaphorical) is being forgiven for the sake of devotion to the archetypal “bad guy” or werewolf. The intensity of this crush is too big to pay mind to the consequences. The video, produced by Tristan Coetzee, captures Tyler’s emerging identity in a way that blends seamlessly with the mysterious nature of the song.

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