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UK Artist Fyfe Stuns with New EP “Games”

In today’s music business, consistency is key. With attention spans shorter than ever, thousands of songs being released everyday and engagement often carrying more weight than the quality of the music, the only way to get ahead and turn your passion into a career is to be consistent. While some artists don’t seem to understand this unfortunate caveat, there are still tons of artists who put their foot on the gas and never let up.

Over the last several years, UK artist Fyfe has been turning heads, growing his fanbase and building a stunning catalog – and it is not surprising that people around the world have taken notice. While I must admit that I seem to be a bit late to the party, I was recently pitched his new EP and since then I have found myself coming back to listen some more time and time again. While Fyfe is no stranger to success, having racked up millions of streams, landed some impressive collaborations and steadily becoming a go to secret weapon in the industry, he continues to give fans a never-ending stream of solo material for them to stan over.

His most recent project, the 8-track, “Games“, EP, is yet another shining example of his knack for songwriting and his ability to create tunes that cross borders and evolve with the times. His latest offering, “finds Fyfe exploring a variety of stories which are loosely connected by questioning one’s place in the world. It addresses issues of anxiety, the pressures of crafting an image on social media, questioning his identity as an artist, songwriter and producer, the infinite possibilities that are presented by alternative reality and string theory, or simply embracing the people that matter to help escape the mindset of such existential thoughts.

From front to back, this project takes the listener on a ride, making sure each track stand on its own while also ensuring that the project as a whole is a cohesive collection of beautifully written tunes that I myself can’t seem to get enough of. While I could spend some more time breaking down each track, I feel that this project deserves your unbiased opinion and total attention. Do yourself a favor and click play. You won’t be disappointed!

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