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UK Based Bertie Drops Massive Bop "Alien"

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Nothing gets me more pumped than when a new artist lands in my inbox with something fresh for me to blast in my Kia Sportage. Right now, there is no jam that I like bumping more than the fun little bop, "Alien", from UK based Bertie.

In all honesty, when you listen to as much music as I do, it becomes harder by the day to find new tunes that immediately grab my attention, cut through the clutter and instantly get me hooked. While I had never heard of Bertie before this joint landed in my inbox, I can say with certainty that he will be on my radar for some time to come and I will be patiently waiting to hear more of what he may be ready to unleash.

On, "Alien", Bertie pens a fun and memorable tune the brings along with it a driving energy, indie appeal, catchy melodies and a summertime vibe that will without a doubt brighten your day if you are smart enough to give it a go. Featuring clean production, a dynamic performance and a swag all his own, Bertie has found a way to fit right into the current Pop landscape while also ensuring you have an incredibly hard time figuring out other artists to compare him to.

While Bertie has been making music nearly his whole life, it was a recent change in perspective that has helped inspire the buzzing solo artist to kick things into high gear. Having recently quit his job to pursue music full-time - a huge decision that many artists are not brave enough to make - Bertie is now ready to give his all to his passion and craft, willingly forfeiting a steady paycheck to follow his dreams and find some peace of mind. With a promise of a whole lot more to come, I can't help but think, "Alien", is a great starting point and is more than enough to get fans and music lovers excited about the future.

Do yourself a favor and add this one to your playlists. It is an instant mood booster and a breath of fresh air that we can all use right now.

Listen to more like Bertie here:

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