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UK Emo Sensations Blvnkfvce and FXLLEN Premiere “Voicemails”

This past Friday, February 1st, underground UK emo-rap artists Blvnkfvce and FXLLEN released their smooth & despondent single, “Voicemails.” Barratt2K, the producer and Blvnkfvce’s longtime collaborator, offers soft guitars & stripped backed drums throughout the track. On top of his laid-back instrumental, the duo speak to their former lovers as they reflect on their own mental struggles.

Blvnkfvce kicks off the track with a melodic verse directed to his lost flame. He states plainly, “Looking back, I needed you to survive,” while critiquing them for not providing enough attention in the relationship. Halfway through, we see FXLLEN slide into the track with a more upbeat yet equally downtrodden flow. During his brief appearance, he focuses on his own tortured mental state and the inability to control his own thoughts.

I also had the chance to speak with Blvnkfvce, who discussed the track, upcoming projects, & more:

“I’ve been friends with [FXLLEN] for quite a while now. I actually used to be in a collective/label with him; I left a couple months ago, but we stayed friends.”

“The track is something we recorded about 7 months ago, and it’s the first single off my upcoming album Devil’s Rose. This is going to be my second; I released my first album January of last year on my birthday. Right now I’m looking at 7-8 tracks. Most of them are already done, I just have a couple more that I’ve got to polish up.”

“With this album, I’ve experimented a lot more [than my first]. I have a song called ‘Domino’ featuring Pezzhead & Paradox:Scorn that’s very City Morgue influenced. I scream on it, and PezHead & Paradox are also well known in their area for their heavy vocals.”

“There’s [also] going to be a lot more melodic stuff. I’ve been steering away from the rap-focused style I’ve built myself on, and I’ve been going for something different like the heavy & melodic stuff, which is what I really enjoy doing.”

We also laughed about a recent revelation he had regarding FXLLEN.

“He actually lives in the same town as me, which we didn’t even know at first. We’d already become friends, and it wasn’t until later that we found out he literally lives a 15 minute walk from me.”

“He’s a super cool guy, he makes very melodic emo rap & whatnot. We’ve worked on a lot of stuff. We had a collab EP last year which we ended up taking down cause we realized it was really bad (Author’s Note: as long as you’re learning, you’re not failing). That being said he’s an all-around really talented guy.”

You can stream “Voicemails” on SoundCloud, and it’ll be hitting other streaming services soon. Be sure to follow Blvnkfvce & FXLLEN on SoundCloud as well to stay updated on future releases.

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