• Nick Russell

Ultra_eko drops new double bill of videos 'Beginning Of The End' and 'Yellow Brick Road'

Within these two videos, he revels in his ability to hop between subgenres of hip hop. On 'Yellow Brick Road' he delivers insightful and aspirational lyrics, over a beat that samples the classic Mariah Carey song 'Always Be My Baby'. Throughout, he lays down a range of psychological and mental health oriented content, which calls for a better tomorrow.

For the indie rock centric 'Beginning Of The End', he takes on a more high octane track, rapping his way over the existental and psychological battles many face in life. On the hook, Ultra_EKO shows his ability to both harmonize his vocals and drop meaningful content to keep the listener engaged as he provides an interval between chapters.

Both singles feel like a stepping stone that make up EKO's diverse discography. The range of production styles and vocal techniques work in his favour, while his honest and frank insights provide a consistency which delves into his mindset.

Both of these pieces have elements that make them relatively difficult to properly categorize.

Volume needs to be blasted for both of these songs, offering a 'wall of sound' sort of spirit, that feels outright glorious to fully immerse oneself in.

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