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Uplifting Vibes from OMBRA

I have been sitting on this one for a minute, but I am glad I finally get to share it.

Spanish artist OMBRA brings an uplifting and empowering vibe on their latest Alt Pop release, “Tick Tock”.  The 4-piece group from Palma de Mallorca has found a way to blend the lines between the Indie scene they were born into and the global dance scene.

Incorporating both acoustic and electronic elements the production relies on laid back guitar melodies, rich pads and some well placed background vocals to support the lead.  Overtime the track picks up and ends with some gang vocals that will for sure lift your spirits.

While you can hear the language barrier in the English lyrics, that doesn’t for one second take away from the tunes magic.  All around this is a serious mood booster and deserves some spins.

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