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Van Common Releases New Single ‘Ghost’

Based in Amsterdam, multi-instrumentalist Sebastiaan van Ravenhorst has only recently began to release music under the moniker Van Common.  Coming out of the gate, he released, “This Afternoon”, and, “Moonlight Blue”, both helping so set the foundation for the project which sees Sebastiaan blending elements from Dream-Pop and Shoegaze with glo-fi sounds.

When he first found the inspiration for Van Common he retreated to a small beach house in the southwest of the Netherlands, closing himself off to the world with a weeks worth of supplies – ready to create.  With no other minds to meddle in his work, what we hear is a total expression of his own abilities and creativity.  

Adding to the hype, Van Common has recently released a new single, “Ghost”, and it is a beautiful, driving Indie jam.  Lush layers of guitar meld with atmospheric elements, catchy toplines and pumping drums to create an energetic groove that lasts from beginning to end.  About the release he says, “This song turned into a love song unintentionally; I was actually going through a break-up at the time. [I] Was listening to a lot of Wild Nothing, Tycho, Real Estate and The Cure at the time, which I think inspired the sound a lot.

While this may be a love song under the surface, an uplifting, powerful vibe sits at the forefront helping to transform the tune into an all out anthem.

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