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VAVO Continue to Wow with Latest Single ‘Anything for You’

One of my favorite things about music is its ability to bring people from different parts of the world and varying backgrounds together.  While there may be an ocean between Vancouver native Jesse Fischer and London born Alden Martin, there was nothing to stop the two producer/songwriters from joining forces and creating highly respected duo VAVO.  

Initially picking up steam in 2017, VAVO has impressed at every turn, racking up massive numbers, chart positions, radio plays and support from some of the worlds top DJ’s.  With an impressive understanding of the music they are creating, VAVO have been non-stop, releasing stand out tunes that break down borders and push boundaries.  Continuing their meteoric rise, they have recently unleashed their summer smash, “Anything for You”, featuring ZHIKO.

The dance leaning Pop jam, incorporates brilliant toplines, clean acoustic/electronic production and a perfectly designed arrangement to create a memorable single that will work the world over.  With tons of commercial appeal for the masses, VAVO still finds a way to maintain their signature sauce on their new release.  Easy to follow, relatable lyrics laid down in prime fashion by ZHIKO set the tone from beginning to end while the dynamic and energetic production bring the perfect accompaniment.  

Yet another stellar tune from the buzzing duo, VAVO are no doubt we’ll on their way to a long and fruitful career.  Make sure you check this one out. 

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