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Vella Is Breaking Hearts With Sultry “Pull The Trigger”

Doubt is a byproduct of mistrust and it finds its way into any relationship that seems to be running its course. Distance starts to form and the end becomes inevitable if both sides won’t step up to salvage the love. Creating a metaphor around the dreaded anticipation of ending a relationship, modern rockstar Vella gives her point of view from this fragile state on her latest single “Pull The Trigger.”

At just seventeen-years-old, Vella brings a new sense of authenticity to rock and soul and “Pull The Trigger” showcases all of her prowess. The tune is a classic break-up ballad coursing with grit and heartbreak. The instrumentation provides a nice halftime feel and does it’s best to prepare you for Vella’s lamenting lyrics, but nothing can prepare you for her booming vocals preaching words of hurt, anger, and frustration. She moves swiftly from a roaring belt to a soothing falsetto, all while creating a relatable tale of love that’s burned out.

Hailing from Tampa, FL, Vella is all things rock & roll, blues, and soul. She describes herself as the love child of Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin, and after one listen, it is easy to hear why. Being authentically true to herself, Vella empowers listeners with her booming vocals and truthful grittiness. Following a slew of successful releases with L3V3L Records, Vella is making waves in the music industry. Her debut original single “Sky Without Stars” and the following single “Rumors” have amassed nearly 5 million streams and views across platforms in just 5 months, and there is no end in sight.

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