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VELVET SHAKES Release Intergalactic Anthem ‘World’

VELVET SHAKES are back with another vibrant banger to get us vibing this winter. Their recent release ‘World’ is the funky fresh anthem exploding onto the scene at just the right time for such an infectiously electric hit.  The four piece group might just be the UK’s answer to psychedelic pop as their unique brand of synth-wave soundscapes continue to transport us to musical worlds unknown. Made up of Josh Bithell, Scott Hill, Louie Donnelly and Anthony Hickey, VELVET SHAKES are going from strength to strength with the release of five enticing singles and numerous gigs throughout the North of England. VELVET SHAKES continue to build on this momentum with their sensational new single as they school us all on what it means to make boy bands cool again. 

‘World’ is the synth-soaked single dominating our playlists at present. The deep house influence that support VELVET SHAKES’ sound when coupled effortlessly with indie inflections curates an entirely new atmosphere in electro-pop – and we love it. Swimming in stabbing, striking synths and sweeping guitar riffs, ‘World’ has all the energy and excitement of a band in its prime. With a drum line reminiscent of ’80s house, it’s almost impossible not to get enwrapped in the electricity of this exhilarating track. Josh Bithell’s vocals are outstanding in the busy sonic atmosphere, as he is both powerful enough to stand out whilst intimate enough to showcase the unique tone of the frontman. The single’s narrative is rooted in the innate appreciation of the natural world that we all experience from time to time, VELVET SHAKES just gave us a reason to sing about it. Right now, it’s unclear when we might be able to travel the world once again. So, in the mean time, let VELVET SHAKES transport you to their sonic world of good vibes and musical magic.



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