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Venomous New Single from Aaron Taos [VIDEO]

RockDafuqOut mainstay and all around musical badass Aaron Taos is back once again, this time with some official visuals for his latest jam, “Venom”.

The Brooklyn based musician always seems to blow me away, mostly by his ability to cross genres so seamlessly and his ability to make all of his releases sound like, “an Aaron Taos track.”  Time and time again he finds a way to put his personal touch on his tunes, even when they feel oh so familiar in vibe and structure.

About the new track, Aaron explains how this time around he took a different approach.  “Venom is a mid-tempo ballad in which I describe the antithesis of my wonderful girlfriend Kaety: a fictional supervillan named “Venom.” I made this song in Sweden during one of my first co-writing sessions. The other two writers and I had a lot of fun lyrically juxtaposing the sweet but deadly nature of this character i.e. “anthrax love letters” and a “handgun wrapped in a bow.” Usually I try to write songs with a direct factual honesty to what’s going on in my life, so this was something new for me going out on a limb and trying a different process. The song was then later produced out fully by Morteen Pilegaard, my friend who is also the producer of Lukas Graham.

The pumping, anthemic tune brings a seriously catchy hook, big band production and an air of playfulness and tension all wrapped up together.  While we have featured nearly everything he has released over the past year, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to say this is my favorite so far.

To accompany the tune he brings a video to match the vibe.  The dark, slightly twisted, yet fun and captivating video brings a slick storyline and some solid production to the forefront with Aaron and his girlfriend taking the leads.  About the video Arron says, “The video was directed by the Tanaka Bros (who also did my videos, ILL These Days , and Hands ). When I’ve worked with them in the past, I let them take the reigns conceptually. However, on this go around I already the idea completely in my head, so I sat them down to pitch it. I was nervous they weren’t going to like it, but they ended up loving it and ran with it.  We shot the video over a couple days on July 4th weekend in the Long Island Sound.  On screen, “Venom”, played by my girlfriend Kaety, has taken me as hostage and is in the process of dropping me off to sleep with the fishes.  We really wanted to play her character up with the costume, setting, and being surrounded by ski-masked goons. She had never acted before on screen but she killed it! I’m really proud of her.  Although the shoot was fun, I spent two days tied up getting kicked around on a boat in the hot sun, so I’m glad its over.

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