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Venus Demilo End The Year With Compilation Album- Live At Parr Street Studios

An Alt/Pop band, hailing from Britain, comprised of cousins Tom & Josh on guitars & vocals, drummer Ryan Williams and bassist Jake Worboys, the group, collectively known as Venus Demilo have deep history rooted in Parr Street Studios. “Parr Street has an almost mythical reputation in Liverpool. When we first recorded there we were bombarded with mates asking us all about it. It was like we’d been to the White House. At first you’re blown away by the place itself; it’s a musician’s heaven. After spending a bit of time there though you realize it’s the quality of the pros working there that is where the magic really stems from”. says the band. The entirety of the band’s musical catalog has been recorded there and it is even where band vocalist, Tom has his studio.

The dumpsterfire of a year, 2020, has not afforded the boys much chance to visit Parr Street, due to restrictions from Covid19. So, when the opportunity arose to come back in, the foursome recorded ‘Live At Parr Street Studios’ to perform in Studio A one last time before the studio is forced to close at the end of the year. The album is comprised of songs that have all been previously recorded at Parr Street Studios, now performed and recorded in a more raw, live-fashion, whilst also being shot as a video. The works include early singles from the band, like, ‘Sophia’, ‘Sinking Ships’ and ‘Bite My Tongue’ as well as some newer EP’s, such as, ‘The Rest Is Just Noise’ and ‘Northern Lights’.

The album/video‘Live At Parr Street Studios’ features 10 total tracks and runs, roughly, 35 minutes long. The video also includes some commentary from the band!

Venus Demilo is a solid, classic-style, soft rock ALT/POP band. They are easy listening and will not disappoint!

Since the release of their first EP last year, the band have been supported by BBC Introducing in Merseyside and nationally on BBC Radio 6 Music, they’ve been featured on Spotify’s ‘Hot New Bands’ playlist and are supported by PRS Foundation. You can check out their socials @vnsdmlo on all platforms.

Listen to more music from Venus Demilo, here:

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