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Venus Demilo Make Come Back with ‘All I Want’

Based in Liverpool, Indie Rock collective Venus Demilo releases their first single back in 2015.  After several more releases, they group took a bit of a hiatus, hitting the studio to work on new tunes as well as helping to write and produce for the next gen of UK artists including SPINNSlang & Gazelle

Originally started by cousins and life long friends Tom Anderson and Ryan Williams, the group existed in many forms before landing on today’s lineup with the addition of Josh Adams.  Now, after an extended break from releases, the group is back and stronger than ever with their new single, “All I Want”, a dreamy yet jam-worthy tune that features brilliant soundscapes, unforgettable vocals and vibrant melodies.  

With driving drums, slick rhythmic guitar riffs and grooving basslines opening the track, it quickly builds into a simple yet memorable hook that will without doubt have you singing along.  The dynamic release takes listeners on a ride from beginning to end thanks to a slick arrangement and impressive musicality – with every element sitting keenly in its place.  

While it may have been a while since they last released a song, this new jam is without a doubt enough to get fans excited for their reemergence.  Check it out. 

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