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VEVO Teams Up with Sam Fender for LIFT Performances [VIDEO]

Since its inception in 2011, VEVO’s artist development program LIFT has thrown the spotlight on the freshest new talent in the UK. With alumni including Tom Walker, Sam Smith, Years & Years and Rag‘N’Bone Man, VEVO continues to keep their ear on the pulse of what’s hot and helps to create beautiful, exclusive content for talented, deserving, buzzing artists.  While we have supported a number of LIFT artists in the past on site, not many have hit us as hard as the new feature with Sam Fender.

Over the past year, Sam Fender has seen a meteoric rise thanks to his emotive, soulful, guitar driven tunes and authentic, friend from high school appeal.  Fueled by the timeless belief that great guitar music still has the power to change the world, Sam Fender has been an unstoppable force leading up to the release of his debut album, “Hypersonic Missiles”, which is out now via Polydor Records.  From his relatable lyrics to powerhouse vocals, Sam Fender has found a way to connect with the masses and shows no sign of letting up. 

Having worked with VEVO in the past as part of their DSCVR series, the new feature as a LIFT artist felt like a natural progression for both Sam Fender and VEVO.  Linking back up to shoot live performances for his tunes, “The Borders”, and new single, “Will We Talk?”, Sam spoke on the process, saying, “It was a truly magic day.  Everybody in the team worked so well together and I am so proud of the performances we’ve captured… We went in there and played like it was our last day on earth.

In front of a small crowd and in a beautifully lit, intimate studio the performance feature big moving shots and stand out camera work that help to bring the performance to life.  Armed with nothing more than a guitar and his voice, Sam Fender puts on a show that should instantly prove that he is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with.  

Speaking from the VEVO end JP Evangelista, VEVO’s SVP of Content, Programming and Marketing says “It has been very special to watch Sam Fender grow into the artist he is today, having worked with him through our DSCVR Artist To Watch program and now graduate to become a LIFT artist, it feels like his musical journey is only just getting started. We shot some amazing pieces of video content with him which we are excited for his fans to see, and on the cusp of a new album and a headline tour, big things await this singer-songwriter.

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