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Victor Perry's "Punching Bag" is the Perfect Summer 2022 Dance Pop Anthem

After a successful run of toplines and collaborations, Victor Perry is making his BonFire debut with truly original work. “Punching Bag” channels the retro-inspired sounds of R&B pioneers like The Weeknd and Gallant and further infuses it with late-night arcade vibes. Perry delivers his vocals with edge, character, and soulfulness, while still maintaining the high energy that is needed for a pop banger like “Punching Bag.”

“Punching Bag” is the perfect summer song with its booming and percussive drum line, edgy dance melody, addictive hook, and powerful vocals. Perry proves himself to be a potential pop legend like The Weekend with his command of vocal harmonies and his ability to perform vocal adlibs with such ease and control. Perry’s vocals are carefree and enthusiastic, yet controlled and intentional, highlighting his artistry as a songwriter and talent as a musician and vocalist. Perry requires no need to “show off” during his songs because of his already warm, full, and colorful tone of voice. Perry jumps onto the mic and performs on this track like he is singing at a stadium with high energy, movement, and excitement, making “Punching Bag” a timeless dance-pop track.

Lyrically, “Punching Bag” describes Perry’s frustration with allowing someone else to control the way he feels; he is ready to put them on blast, even if it means meeting in a 4 sided ring to display his new found confidence. Perry gets onto the mic and sings with power and confidence, making him an unbeatable force in the studio. “Punching Bag” features a bassline that feels like a steady combination of punches, allowing Perry to croon in sweet contrast and in doing so, turn his pain into a weapon of defense.

The production was made and co-written by Brett Castro. Perry and Castro complement each other and prove they are a creative team to look out for in the rising pop scene.

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