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Victoria Anthony makes our eyeliner thick and our base teary with the pop punk of "Another Regret"

Vancouver native Victoria Anthony has taken the guitars and bassy samples of pop punk sparkled the femme lyricism of a broken heart all over it and then taken us for a drive with "Another Regret"

We've all made bad decisions, we've all been there, where we realized the person we met, the person we kissed, was just not a permanent fix, a permanent poster on your wall, paper crumples and tastes change, the posters come down and all we have is our playlists - and you better hope "Another Regret" is on that playlist because it's the only medication you need - a soft punk, alt-rock anthem that shouts into the ether of our broken hearts and delivers us teen redemption.

"Real Life" dropped in 2020 and "Another Regret" is the new Victoria Anthony, the eyeliner is sharper, the lipstick darker and the pop-punk tears are on point.

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