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Virtu Digs Deep on ‘Let You Go’

California based VIRTU, has been turning some heads recently with his melodic Electronic jams.  While we were only introduced to Virtu earlier this year, we were quickly converted to fans with a steady stream of releases and remixes that always hit on all cylinders.

As is often the case with music, unfortunate circumstances often lead to incredible jams.  After recently losing his mother VIRTU realized that music may be the best way for him to heal while also uncovering himself.  His new release, “Let You Go“, is the first track that he created completely by himself, from production to writing and performing.  The uplifting, emotive and vibrant release sees VIRTU shedding his soul and creating a piece of music that will stand the test of time.

While the vocals are soft, you can feel the pain oozing through the cracks.  Besides the lyrics, the production is top notch.  Perfectly layered synths, keys and drums bring the release to life, transforming overtime and really connecting with the listener through every note.  Clean and dynamic, the production is nothing short of impressive and couples perfectly with the subtle vocals.

While at this time in my life I can’t understand what he is going through with the loss of his mother, I know one day I will and I know, for me… it will be devastating.  Here’s to hoping Virtu get’s through this tough time and continues to share a piece of himself with us with every future release.

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