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Watusi brings good vibes boom bap with new album ‘Flava’

New boom bap heading noddiner hip hop out of London, as rapper Watusi87 returns with his latest album ‘Flava’. Collaborating with producers Hybrid Freqs, he delivers a much needed helping of good vibes. Led with the video for ‘Rock On’, the album arrives a year after Watusi’s debut, ‘Moments Of Truth’, which introduced listeners to an artist who thrives on honesty and openness; qualities it could be argued are lacking from a lot of today’s hip hop.

Aside from Watusi87 and Hybrid Freqs, the album offers up a couple more contributions along the way. Grime legend, Durrty Goodz, joins Watusi on the aforementioned ‘Wagwan’, and there is also a sublime appearance from vocalist, Nadine Caesar, on ‘Spears of Love’.

Stream the album here and check out the video for Rock On!

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