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Waylen Roche Unveils Debut Album "33"

Updated: May 31

As a Florida native now based in the Hudson Valley, Waylen Roche brings a rich tapestry of influences to his music. Often combining elements from Alt-R&B ballads and synth-infused Pop anthems, Roche crafts a truly unique sound, which he best describes as, "swamp psych soul." Over the past five years, Roche's experiences as a working artist in NYC and the Hudson Valley have significantly shaped his artistry - although music has been nearly a lifelong love affair. Roche has been immersed in music since his childhood. With years spent studying classical piano and having grown up surrounded by music lovers, he found himself exposed to a vast blend of genres including American Folk, Blues, and Sub Pop; all of which have certainly contributed along the way his distinctive sound.

Waylen Roche's debut album, "33," is a compelling 13-track release that proves to be a dynamic, intricate and cohesive collection of songs that will have you locked in from beginning to end. With Roche's silky vocals and emotionally charged performances sitting atop impressively technical production, each tune rolls perfectly into the next, taking listeners on a sonic journey that is sure to make a connection at some point along the way. Meticulously crafted, "33," puts Waylen Roche's musical prowess on full display, as he works alongside a cast of talented collaborators including, Jan3t, Drea LeClerc, Steven Frieder, Sam Smith (Art Thief), and Walker Adams (Telepathic Moondance) who all play their part in adding to the albums overall impact. Roche's voice, both tender and powerful shines throughout the release, serving as the top layer of sauce in a deliciously lush offering that he plates up perfectly.

Standout track, "Granite," epitomizes Roche's ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with an evocative musical backdrop. The song's haunting melody and laidback groove capture a sense of resilience and transformation, making it a focal point of the album. Roche's vocal performance on "Granite," is particularly striking, conveying a depth of emotion that resonates long after the song has ended. The track's slick arrangement adds a layer of sophistication and complexity, highlighting the collaborative spirit that permeates throughout.


"33," is as personal as it is reflective of broader cultural shifts and the project perfectly captures the essence of Roche's musical journey and personal growth. Merging introspective lyrics and lush soundscapes, "33," captivates at every turn and serves as an immersive listening experience with each track showcasing Roche's ability to weave together personal narratives with sonic experimentation. With his debut, Waylen Roche has crafted a project that establishes himself as a distinctive voice in contemporary music, offering a debut that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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