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We Ain’t No Trust Fund Kids

Sweden is a hot bed for stellar Pop music right now and the latest proof of that comes from 20 year old Stockholm artist PAWL.

Diving head first into the world of production at 14 years old, PAWL has been turning heads ever since.  His debut single, “Set My Heart on Fire“, reached #11 on the Sweden Dance Chart and also received spins nationwide on P3.  He continued to keep the heat on releasing several other well received singles, eventually leading us here to, “Trust Fund Kids“, featuring illi.

His latest release not only showcases his production chops, but also shows his ability write and structure songs to make them accessible to even the most basic of music lovers.  While the lyrics are not the most in depth, they are exactly what music consumers are looking for these days.  Catchy, memorable, fun and simplistic.  It only takes a couple of listens to have this one memorized, and you’ll be singing the hook by the time you get through your first spin.

On the production end, clean and concise arrangements and smart sound selections perfectly support the playful vocals.  Mellow stabs, filtered percussion, thick drums, funky guitar riffs and a grooving bassline all come together perfectly to create an all around top notch Pop tune.

Keep and eye on PAWL.

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