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We’re Staring at the Sun

LCAW has been making waves in the last couple of years with his vibey Electronic jams, quickly grabbing the attention of the music community while growing his fan base with a string or solid releases.

The Munich based artist continues on his hot streak with his latest offering, “Staring at the Sun“, featuring Sophie Hintze.  The bubbling, uplifting emotional tune stays rooted in the Electronic realm, while also bringing the funk.

Beneath the stunning Pop leaning vocals from Sophie Hintze, the production is both melodic and groovy.  Bright plucks, funky guitar riffs, keys and a rolling bassline join together with some light percussion to create a fun, light hearted and energetic release.

With the vocals leading the way, all elements work together to create an inspirational vibe, with a low-key summer vibe, reminding us all, “Don’t look back, gotta keep on moving.

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