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Weekend Vibes: ‘Slow my Heart Rate Down’ by Callum Pitt

Weekend relaxation from the UK Songwriter

Through mellow soundscapes and breezy melodies, Callum Pitt’sSlow My Heart Rate Down’ evolves into a majestic explosion of sound, evoking nothing but amazing and melancholy from the listener. 

The up and coming UK folk artist cites Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes as one of his biggest influences and it can be heard in his music, however, giving it a completely personal and artistic twist. The song evolves thorough falsetto voices over an arpeggiating guitar and slow piano. The song is in a constant state of crescendo so when the drums enter during the second half of the song, they begin to anticipate this moment and finally explode. Callum’s voice changes from a falsetto to a natural range at the end to communicate the title of the song over an incredible amalgamation of sound that slowly overtakes his voice.

The singer-songwriter has been releasing music since 2016 and has appeared on numerous BBC radio shows as well as gathering significant plays across Europe and Asia. His debut E.P ‘Poisoned Reveries’ later this year and we cannot wait.

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