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Welcome to the Bass House [Must Hear]

Tommy Boy Entertainment just unleashed one hell of a compilation perfectly crafted to rattle speakers, pump up crowds and demolish stages – whether in the club or in front of thousands at a festival.

For anyone who is a fan of Bass House, this package is a must have. The 18-track compilation includes tracks by both some heavyweights and some up and comers, but the entire package knocks from beginning to end.

Consisting of brand new unreleased tracks from pioneers like DUSTYCLOUD, TONY ROMERA & KEELD, ASDEK, and DEKOVA to name a few, “Welcome to the Bass House”, is an aggressive showing of skill, energy and raw talent.

With a perfect flow from beginning to end, every track is sure to grab your attention. If you haven’t heard of some of these guys before… pay close attention, because you will be hearing a lot more from all of these artists in the future.

Take a listen to the project below and get ready to get pumped.

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