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Welcome to the HOUSE OF SAY

Swedish duo HOUSE OF SAY are preparing to release their debut EP and as a taste of what’s to come they have just released the lead single, “Money“.

Creating their tunes in a cabin in the woods seems to allow the duo the freedom and atmosphere needed to create memorable tunes.  On “Money“, playful Pop vibes come with an edge, using some heavy 808‘s and other urban influences to make the track hit.  About the track, House of Say explains, “It’s about greed and how we lose track of the things that really matters.

Their debut single has a very commercial appeal, with catchy top lines, a perfect structure and a dynamic production.  All in all this song is an ear worm.  After a couple of listens, there is no doubt you be singing along.

HOUSE OF SAY is yet another example of the killer Pop scene in Sweden.  I’m not sure what they’re putting in the water out there, but they are dominating this Pop ish right now.

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