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Wesley Adams Cook captures life's unpredictable flow with his debut solo EP, Caught In The Middle

With his Caught In The Middle EP, Colorado singer-songwriter Wesley Adams Cook is set to break into the music scene. Featuring elements of indie rock, singer-songwriter flair, and musical theatre storytelling, Wesley Adams Cook's music is a unique blend of style. Listeners are kept engaged by the mix of indie rock and theatrical chamber pop.

A native Coloradoan with a passion for clever lyrics and large soundscapes, Wesley Adams Cook is not shy about filtering his music with imagery and metaphors. This is exactly what you will hear on the brand new EP, Caught In The Middle. In 2022, Cook teamed up with Chris Beeble and Kael Alden to record the EP at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins as a way to reconnect with his roots. As various facets of his life crumbled around him, the record came together at a pivotal time for him. Amidst the wreckage, Caught In The Middle emerged, an uplifting ode to life's unpredictable elements.

For more information on Wesley Adams Cook, follow him at: Spotify | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook

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