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It’s safe to say as this year begins to close, we’re in dire need of something to bring some oomph to 2020. Luckily for us, West of House are bringing out the big guns with their debut album ‘Crescendo of Silence’. Formed in only just 2019, West of House hit the ground running with their debut single just this year. With a sound so overwhelmingly self-assured, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d been around as long as this year has felt. Bolstered by the deeply personal and emotional songwriting of singer-come-guitarist Erick Bieger, the soundscape creation of guitarist Kevin Huynh, the searing leads and backing vocals of Dave Roberts, and the driving rhythm of bassist Lance Bletscher and drummer Tommy Maras, West of House sculpt a sonic landscape unapologetically rooted in their individual identities — and we just can’t get enough. Citing influences in the realm of Radiohead, The Cure and U2, West of House expand on a canon of rock powerhouses blurring genre-boundaries, curating socially aware anthems and getting us to sing along all the while. 

Their recent debut, ‘Crescendo of Silence,’ is an immersive showcase of the wide breadth of talent each member of West of House has to offer. This ten-track album runs the gamut from anthemic to intimate, weaving moments of melancholy and striking social critiques throughout. Vintage rock tropes are abated with modern, cooler indie temperaments as West of House’s innovation inaugurates the group as a hot up and coming band to watch this year.  Rooted firmly at the centre of this body of work is a deeply passionate lyricism. Carrying this lyrical weight is Erick’s commanding and aptly intimate vocals as he leads us on a journey through this diverse body of work, sailing over the rich soundscapes of the divergent album. Notably, West of House’s intricate attention to detail is ever-present in  ‘Denmark Calling (Strength in Numbers)’ — a track rife with effortlessly fascinating falsetto and a completely captivating guitar shred from Kevin Huynh. All the way through to the last track, ‘Voyeuristic Symphony,’ West of House clearly created way out the box in this album, sizzling together a recipe of influences in a melting pot of musicianship. West of House wraps up their debut with an epic, classically inclined, five minute long odyssey delving into every nuance of the groups individual skill. With over thirty thousand streams on ‘Crescendo of Silence’ since its release a mere month ago, it’s evident that West of House is setting out to dominate our airwaves this year, and we’re more than happy about it. West of House’s impressive debut has set the totally talented tone for this group as they are building to an exciting career in the industry— and it’s safe to say their crescendo to the top will be anything but silent.

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