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Whales & This Lake Know How to ‘Make it Last’ [VIDEO]

Oslo based 3-piece Whales & This Lake have officially grabbed my attention with the release of, “Alphagirls & Alphaboys“, a cut from their recent album, “Send a Man Down“.

With a sound all their own, they are perfectly blurring the lines between Indie Rock, Pop and Electronic.  The vocals, whiney and emotional, carry the tune, while the production features electronic elements, but are programmed to feel more like a band is playing them live.   

The tune starts off with some flanged vocal pads and a bright synth lead before giving way to the vocals and some keys – which carry the verses.  With a bit of a vocoder adding some funk, the track quickly picks up for the hook, turning the tune into an all out anthem.

The new tune also comes a long with a cinematic and visually pleasing treatment.  Shot in Japan, it is not much more than nicely shot b-roll pieced together, but for some reason it works great with the song.

What I love most about this track is the overall vibe.  Original and fresh.  This track is all around cool.

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