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What the Funk: The Shakers

If you’re missing the sounds of 70’s Rock I got the perfect band for you. The name of the group is called The Shakers and they’re holding it down for the people in the UK.

The South London based Disco Rock group has gained recognition not only through countless hours of practice, but being a part of the contemporary music movement. The group was named ‘Best of British Unsigned’ indie band of the month through BBC, has jammed on the Strummerville stage at the renowned Glastonbury Festival and has even been incorporated in Spotify’s, Fresh Finds Six Strings playlist. This has been a huge year for The Shakers, but they’re not finished. The group recently released a track called “White Leather” and it’s funky as shit.

In this track, the five-piece Indie Rock band really shows their musicianship. “White Leather” begins with an upbeat rhythmic guitar riff that sets the mood for the rest of the track. With the help of some drums and a fat bass line, the lead singer does his thing on the microphone. He describes a woman wearing white leather. As you may know, this fashion statement is sexy but dangerous because it’s hard to maintain, similar to the feeling of love in a relationship.

If I know one thing about musical talent, it comes down to synergy and The Shakers have it. This stems from their relationship as bandmates and the ability to have full creative control over their music. I definitely recommend that you people check out this track and whatever else The Shakers have to offer.

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