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Who is Isic Tutor?

When I make enough money to buy my yacht, i’m going to sail into the deep blue and play this song and think about all my Ex’s. This track I’m talking about is called Isic Tutor by Xavier Dunn.

Xavier wears many hats. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and a talented producer. He earned his chops from his parents own love for music. They both majored in Music Education and made sure that their children were well enamored with the art. Xavier is the end product of that enriched environment.

This track confused me because I thought the title was the artist’s name. I had to do my research to find out who was who. The single, Isic Tutor is soft and secretive. Xavier Dunn combines his raw voice with electronic and acoustic productions, to mark it his own. the lyrics in this track are genuine, innocent and compelling. Xavier explains his experience with painless love. The one built on a relationship that is lacking that special something. His lyrics make you think!

Regardless, the track is a success. Go check out Xavier Dunn and follow his wave.

FYI: He has an official music video

And a live acoustic version!

Seriously though… Who is Isic Tutor?

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