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Whole-Z Takes on Camille Trust’s ‘Lose You’

Here is something fresh that I’ve been sitting on for a bit too long.  Whole-Z flips Camille Trusts, “Lose You”, into a pumping and retro feeling dance floor filler.

Born in Tampa and residing in New York, Camille Trust has been steadily showing the world what she is made of via a steady flow of soulful Pop releases.  Her most recent EP, including the lead single, “Lose You”, has helped Camille gain recognition from tastemakers like Billboard, Time and PopDust.  Now with over 300K streams, Camille is showing no sign of letting up.

Starting subtly with vocals, keys and percolating synth melodies – the track quickly picks up thanks to a driving, rhythmic baseline and slick drum programming.  Allowing Camille to shine, the production is perfectly crafted to enhance the vocals.  From the verse listeners are hit with an uplifting drop that rips thanks to a funky, bendy synth lead.  The dynamic release develops from beginning to end and makes sure to keep the listener hooked at every turn.

Far from your cookie cutter productions, Whole-Z brings a nice originality to his production, helping it to stand out from the rest of the pack.  Do yourself a favor and give this joint a listen.

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