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Why Does it Feel so Right [VIDEO]

Collaborative project MaWayy was formed in 2015 by renowned producer/composer Brian Wayy and Masoud Fuladi – 2 people who share a vision, regardless of the fact that they have never met in person.

While both partners have had their individual successes, they have come together on MaWayy to bring energy, peace and great music that lights up the dance floor.  Their latest release, “Wrong“, is an Electronic Pop jam the truly showcases their experience, production chops and understanding of musical theory.  The clean and dynamic release has all of the elements needed to stand out in today’s market.  It also comes along with an official video – beautiful locations, beautiful people and some nice camera work are all that are needed here.

The Pop vocals rely on simple yet catchy lyrics and fresh melodies to have you singing along after the first listen.  The songs arrangement is also very Pop, helping it appeal to the masses and making it accessible to radio DJ’s.  On the production end, there is nothing negative to be said.  Smart sound selections, great rhythms and melodies and a stellar mix/master make this track easy to listen to online with your favorite hits with no questions asked.

With both artists only on a quest to release quality tunes and spread the vibes, you can hear passion behind the track.  Looking forward to hearing what is next from MaWayy.

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