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Will Laut creates a sonic tapestry embracing the weird on self-titled EP

Enter a world filled with whirring, eerie computer generated sounds blending swiftly with the crooning vocals of Frankie Gothard. Delivered May 31 via Wavetrap Records, the four tracks put on display welcome the eccentric. A personal fave of mine is "Cryptoman", offering up major horror film soundtrack with a sonic splash of Nine Inch Nails meets the 80's darkwave styles similar to the likes of The Cure.

Will Laut is a sensational listening experience, treading on anxieties diverged from desires to find humanity in an ever-changing digital world. Clocking in at just thirteen minutes, the four songs diligently outline the horrors of the modern age, by creating a sonic landscape that mirrors just that. Dripping in eccentricity and glitchy production, the soft and jarring vocals that pair along prove to provide a lasting chill down the listener's spine.

More about Will Laut:

Conceived in studios of Los Angeles and Paris, WILL LAUT is a duo led by Frankie Gothard, aka COH, known for his role in the computer avant-garde scene of the late 90s. The project draws on COH's earlier collaborations with vocal performers like John Balance of Coil, Cosey Fanni Tutti of Throbbing Gristle, and fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester. The duo's singer and frontman William Laut, once a Eurovision contender, has a diverse musical background, ranging from working with children's choirs to composing rock anthems, and organizing Asian music showcase festivals. WILL LAUT's music is a blend of ambient pop, noir minimalism, and synthesizer tango, featuring atmospheric textures, minimalist rhythms, and haunting crooner-style lyrics.

Listen to the EP here

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