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With Drones Club…It Rolls On

Looking for some tripped out vibes for your Tuesday?

Coming out of left field is this joint from Drones Club out of  London.  You may be asking what I am doing featuring a track that is so far off from my usual posts…. the answer would be, GOOD MUSIC IS GOOD MUSIC!

Not only do I love the creepy, chill, eerie, mind altering vibes in this track, but it kinda also gets me moving (even if it makes me feel like a caterpillar tripping on acid).

Indie Rock vibes infused with Electronic flavors and topped with mellow dramatic vocals, this track has an energy that I am digging.  Perfect for the soundtrack of Ferris Buellers Day Off, or a scene out of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, this track makes me feel high as a kite, while at the same time feeling like the guy on the ground holding the kite string… confusing I know.

Just peep it..


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