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Woodlock Releases Their Newest Folksy Track, "Quick Hands."

"Quick Hands" by Woodlock is dreamy, ambient, folksy and a quintessential singer songwriter song. "Quick Hands" is stripped backed, focused on instrumentals and beautiful melodies alone. The voice of "Woodlock" is beautiful and trance-like, allowing listeners to be serenaded by the dreamy lullaby-like song that is "Quick Hands."

"Quick Hands" is an introspective awe-inspiring ode to being grateful for life and the adventures that come with it. Written over the span of two years, “Quick-Hands” was created in real-time when Eze Walters of Woodlock was at home and heard his wife singing to James Taylor in a different room.

Eze Walters shares,

"I was in the lounge playing guitar when I heard my wife in the kitchen singing to James Taylor. I was feeling super grateful for my life and my partner and it spilled into a song idea really quickly. I grabbed my phone and recorded the idea and it stayed in there because I couldn't figure out how to write verses to finish it.

Fast forward 2 years later, we have a little boy named Finn and life has taken a wild turn with COVID. I've been working in the building industry to provide for my family and was feeling down that there are parts of my son's life I don't get to see because I'm at work.

I had to reset how I thought about work. I noticed how easy it is to focus on the things we can potentially miss out on. The chorus reminded me that life is amazing and it’s just a matter a perspective. I constantly remind myself of the things I am grateful for."

Woodlock uses a combination of indie vocals, a guitar driven lead, and pop beats to make "Quick Hands" a chill track that is still groovy. It combines modern pop elements and folk writing to create a song that is true to it's genre, but still is interesting and relevant with popular music today. Woodlock truly places itself in a lane of its own with these artistic approaches to their songs.

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