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Wyatt Releases His Newest Pop-Rock Single, “Bittersweet.”

Any Pop fans looking for a song that has a bit of edge? Look no further than Wyatt’s newest single “Bittersweet.”

“Bittersweet” is a combination of the best elements of pop and rock. It has the catchy and infectious melody of pop music and the grit, distortion, and edge that comes with rock music. The title of the single, “Bittersweet,” not only acts as an identifier for the track, but symbolizes the sound of the tune as well.

Mixed with major chord progressions, capturing the feel-good and addictive qualities of pop, and the anger and grunt that is rock, marks "Bittersweet" as a truly original song. Wyatt shows off his musical talent by mixing these two genres together without one overpowering another. This balance highlights his ability as a writer to stay committed to the melodic story of his song. It is the perfect unapologetic pop-punk revival anthem.

Wyatt shares,

"Bittersweet’ is more than a song, it's a feeling. The feeling of that thing or that person that feels good, but isn't good for you. It's that something that brings you to your knees and gets the best of you, yet you keep coming back for more. With gritty guitar chugs and crooning bedroom pop melodies, ‘Bittersweet’ holds you just long enough to get a taste, ‘till you keep coming back for more.”

Wyatt Sanders is a pop “jack-of-all-trades.” As a writer, producer, and classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Wyatt has penned platinum hits for the likes of Diplo, Trippie Redd, and NCT Dream, before launching his own artist project in 2021. His brand new sound channels Rex Orange County style bedroom pop with a hint of McCartney-era 70s soft rock.

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