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YANOMI Make Debut with ‘Stories’

Hailing from Stockholm, newly formed outfit YANOMI are about the bigger picture. About people, nature and animals. About the mountains and the lakes and the birds in the trees.  “We want to create a world in which people are able to get away and star in their own movie. But also to create a connection between people and nature despite the geographical limitations of physically being in one place. Something like that, I hope you get what I mean.

While the duo may have seen individual success in their own right, it was just last year that Jacob Lundahl and Nomi Bontegard met at a songwriting camp and discovered their mutual love for world inspired music and genre bending releases.

After several months of working together, YANOMI was born and today we are here to share their new tune, “Stories”.  Focusing on what brought them together in the first place, the new release is a blend of several genres ranging from Folk to Pop to Electronic.  With a Pop structure, Folk driven instrumentation and a vocal chop laden hook, the new tune brings a great overall vibe.

Mellow verses rely on guitar and keys to set the mood, picking up into the hooks with drums and a beautiful pre-chorus.  With Nomi delivering a great vocal performance, the lush production only helps to make it pop.  The combination of electronic and acoustic elements makes this release appealing to nearly anyone who loves music.

The powerful and uplifting tune makes sure to connect with the listener beyond the musicality that is is wrapped in.  About the release they say, “Stories is about the struggles that hit you after not being able to resist the overpowering temptations an old love can cause.

A solid tune and more than enough to get us excited about what else may be in the works.

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