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YELLE is Ready to Take Over North America [VIDEO]

French Dance Pop duo YELLE first came onto the scene in 2006 with their debut single, Je Veux Te Voir“, which quickly became an indie sensation and led to them recording and releasing their debut album in 2007.  From there, the acclaimed artists toured the world, substantially growing their fan base and spreading good vibes.

Since then they have released 2 more albums, while continuing to tour and are back once again with a special treat.  Gearing up for their upcoming North American Club Party Tour, YELLE has unleashed yet another single, to kick things up a notch. 

Their latest release, “Romeo“, sees the duo taking familiar feels and creating something new.  Singing in their native language (French) the melodies and energy are easily able to cross over borders.  They continue to deliver  fun-loving, anything-goes left-field Pop and regardless of what language you may speak, this song will resonate and brighten your day.

About the release, YELLE says, “This bop reminds us of Safari Disco Club [their second album] and its unique way of clashing cold synths and hot beats from other latitudes.

I may not know what they’re saying, but I do know I feel the vibe.  Their new tour starts towards the end of September, Keep an eye out for them – they may be stopping in a city near you.

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