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You Shake Me Like a ‘Tambourine’

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t had this next one absolutely rocking in my headphones.

Nashville based Mr. Gabriel (Gabe Simon) has recently released his new single, “Tambourine”, and it is a nostalgic, high-energy groove.  First grabbing audiences with the releases of, “Help Me Out”, and most recently, “Millennial Falcon”, Mr. Gabriel finds his stride creating impressively dynamic tunes accessible to almost any age, era or background.  Via melodies that you literally can not get out of your head, smart arrangements and an overall musicality at the forefront, Mr. Gabriel fires on all cylinders.

The new tune delivers with a grooving bassline, slamming drums, filthy/distorted leads, playful whistles and simple/satirical lyrics that will have you singing along after the first listen.  About the tune, Mr. Gabriel says, “Honestly, I usually write songs about two things: Love and how much I hate the Internet. But I also dislike paying taxes, because I still get shitty healthcare. So this ones a greaser for the man. Its a light hearted fuck you. Anyways, when does it not feel good to admit you have no control and at least make yourself dance?

This is for sure a jam that I will be keeping in rotation well though the summer.  Bright, feel-good, classic, Rock/Dance vibes.

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