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Young Friend takes us for a Saturday stroll in the urban diaspora with "little pieces"

"little pieces" is an angsty grunge pop audio essay by Vancouver-based artist Young Friend, the track is a montage of iced coffee, thrift shops, street life, and the important Saturday date.

Young Friend has given us the perfect combo of shoegaze, pop and grunge with"little pieces", It's a track that is just as home in the group, with the friends in a car as it is in your ears as you stroll through the streets alone, contemplating all the views, the hugs and the kisses you had.

The track cuts in and out of radio filters, loud layered instrumentation and a vocal performance that curls up around itself like steam from the streets after a summer rain - the track is a montage, a scene from a film, a moment in time pulled into view if only for a second, and I wanna watch the scene over and over again.

Young Friend has not only unlocked a pivotal childhood memory of mine but has also dug themselves deep into my indie pop playlist.

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