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Zach Settle channels his future self on “Superstar”

Seattle based multi-instrumentalist and Indie-Pop artist Zach Settle steps into the shoes of his future self on his latest release “Superstar”. At an early point in his career, Settle’s determination is clear as he anticipates success while simultaneously exhibiting his massive potential. “Superstar” is a fun Pop/Rap track full of colorful production, hard-hitting vocals, and enough energy to garner anyone’s attention. However, as he dives deep into his own future, in a time where he is already a successful artist living a life full of glamour, he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. Under those circumstances, free of the artist’s anxiety of self-definition, Settle can say exactly what he wants. 

On his latest single, Zach Settle asks the question “Where were you before I was a Superstar?”. From there he asserts that he doesn’t owe anything to anyone as he was left to his own devices prior to success. Speaking of the present as though it is the past, Settle brings an attitude and energy that clearly denotes that he is fed up with people sleeping on him. He’s almost saying that if people knew he would blow up like he does in this hypothetical track then they would have supported him more. This energy, angst, frustration and anger comes through in the first half of “Superstar”. His raps display his fervor for success and the playful notion that he knows people will regret not believing in him. However, the second half of the track takes a different turn as he anticipates some of the not-so-great parts of fame. He asks “Was it really worth it”, referring to all of the sacrifices that come with fame. At the end of it all, did this all really make him happy? Did he spend enough time with his family? Finally, realizes that fame comes with its own kind of loneliness. This begs the question, if nobody is there for you before fame, and if loneliness is an inevitable repercussion of success, what’s the point? To tackle these complex questions in such an elegant way is no easy task for someone of Zach’s age and experience. However, the clarity by which he makes his thoughts and feelings known is a great indication that he is in fact destined for success.

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