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Zeke Thomas Teams Up with Chuck D!

In honor of Black History month, official NBA All Star DJ Zeke Thomas has teamed up with Hip Hop legend Chuck D (Public Enemy) and Jasiri X for, “Blackness“.

A meaningful dance infused Hip Hop track that touches on such topics as civil rights, equality and black culture as a whole.

In Zeke’s words:

“Blackness is about our society’s misunderstanding of where the civil rights movement actually is from the point of view of a black man’s experience. As black men in today’s society, we still experience racism and oppression, and the only way to advance that understanding and make progress is to talk about it.  Working with the legendary artist and visionary Chuck D and with Jasiri X was a dream come true for me. They are the perfect fit for this record and I can’t thank Mr. Harry Belafonte enough for introducing us.”

Grab your copy here via Gorilla Records/Tommy Boy –

While your at it, check out this dope Hip Hop flip of the track by Imperial!  A classic tone takes the track in a whole new direction, and I DIG IT!


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