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ZOLA Prepares Debut Project with Two New Singles

Raised in San Francisco, Zola Johnson (ZOLA) has been an artist nearly all of her life.  Whether it was playing guitar (since the age of 6), dancing, writing stories or writing songs, ZOLA has always seemed to find solace in creating art.  

Now officially on her way to dropping her debut project this fall, ZOLA has so far unleashed two singles, “Too Fast Too Soon”, and, “Blue”.  Written in the most part during her freshman and sophomore years in college, the upcoming project is wholeheartedly a reflection of the college experience – from young love to evolving friendships to self-discovery.  

With a stunning, rich tone that is as haunting as it is soothing, ZOLA seems to be creating straight from the soul 1 which she sheds on every track.  Far from you frat party banger, ZOLA is creating music meant to move, shake and touch whoever listens.  Interesting arrangements, clean production and an undeniable musicality play in the background while her vocals hypnotize from right out front.

An old soul in a young body, ZOLA brings a depth to her music that is wise beyond her years. She is a rare voice hellbent on redefining what it means to be a singer/songwriter in the age of technology.  Keep an eye out for her full length project.  I know I will be.

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