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2nd Generation Wu Get back in the Studio with J.Glaze for ‘Heaven on Earth’

A new single of 2nd Generation Wu is out now, titled “Heaven on Earth (Light One)”. 2nd Generation WU is a music group formed by children of the Wu-Tang Clan. Led by the core of iNTeLL (son of U-God) and PXWER (son of Method Man), 2nd Generation WU has split off the Wu-Tang family tree and created a new branch.

2nd Generation Wu pick up their own torch, lit from their parents, and blaze a trail all their own. After their steamrolling debut single “7.O.D” has been released, iNTeLL & PXWER devoted themselves back in the studio with the producer J.Glaze to craft another song that could explore the greatest potential of their music. They set out to make a blend of music that would tap into a new vein yet to be fully fleshed out, and there “Heaven On Earth” was formed.

This new single has a dark jazzy boom trap uptempo vibe with a transitional chorus’ reminiscent of something heard from OutKast. As written in the hook, “Get up on that thing, in and out, are you breathin? Love fire stronger than a rock, baby dreamin. Twist a little, spend a little time with the right one. Heaven on Earth till we die, let’s light one.” With J.Glaze’s elegant trumpet solo replacing a normal third verse, the music is taken to a new level. The solo gives a breath to highly lyrical experience and allows the listeners to reflect on the lyrics they just received, leaving the song a quiet but endless aftertaste.

With Artwork by Culture Freedom bringing everything together, this song must be a good fit for those looking for great new music. They are not just children of the legendary hip-hop group. They have their unique sound. Go check out this song, and it won’t disappoint you.

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