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a Neon star collapses as Kasto drops the beat on "Be There"

The house gets heavy as the gravity pulls you down - "Be There" is a darksynth club track, that had me going from the moment it breahted it's synthy grunge sounds down my neck.

LA native Kasto has taken me into the depths of my club love,by dropping this darktrance,psychclub track on my ears. It personifies the idea of a star collapsing, it builds and sparks as everything goes off, the lights burn and the electro hits you like a meteor running at a thousand miles an hour, then everything goes dark, and a supernova flairs up.

I never thought a club track would hit me with such a feeling for narrative as "Be There" did, and yet here I am dumbfounded by the pure club darksynth mastery that is Kasto

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