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A Pop Songwriter On The Rise – UK Artist Victoria Owsnett Has Been Busy Collaborating

Victoria Owsnett dropped her solo single Thrones at the beginning of August, which has since amassed over 45,000 streams on Spotify in just under a month. Impressive figures for a totally new venture. Victoria is best known as front person for North-East based synth-pop trio AXLS. Yet Owsnett is proving that she is a prolific writer, with a host of exciting collaborative projects up her sleeve.

Wanting to venture out and release music under her own identity, Victoria has been working on an array of pop hits which will each be released as singles. ‘Thrones’ was just the tip of the iceberg for the singer and 2020 will also see her collaborate with artists from around the world.

With each release, Victoria brings her signature sound, though always with a unique twist suited to the specifics of the given project, which goes to show her versatility as an artist.

The first collaboration, a feature on US artist John John’s ‘Time Stands Still’, a lo-fi, bedroom pop song, was released on June 12th 2020. There’s also been a powerful song called ‘Phase IV’ she did as part of the enigmatic project The Last of the Fallen Angels, alongside fellow Northerners Conrad McQueen and Mark D – in their ode to electronic music. Most recently, she has released ‘Strings’, a catchy single written with producer V.X.D, and a quirky indie pop song called ‘Stranger’ with producer Pheels from the US. Lockdown has certainly seen Owsnett unleash all of her writing ability! We’re excited for what’s around the corner for this young artist.

UK singer-songwriter Victoria Owsnett

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