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Abby Wolfe Brings Anthemic Pop Vibes on ‘Lonely In Company’

New Zealand based new comer Abby Wolfe recently dropped her second single, “Lonely In Company”, and it is a powerful, anthemic Pop jam.

Growing up the daughter of a musician father, Abby was always surrounded by music.  At the young age of 11, Abby first began her journey as a vocalist.  A few short years later, she taught herself how to play guitar and wrote her first song.  Putting in the time to hone her craft, it wasn’t until last year that she stepped out with her first single, “Breakdown”.

Following on that singles success, Abby was featured on Chores top selling single and is now back with an original of her own.  On, “Lonely in Company”, Abby’s dynamic vocals are on full display.  Written and produced in collaboration with Djeisan Suskov & Josh Fountain, the new single is a booming, attitude filled power jam.  Over a rich, organic production carried by keys, bass and guitar, Abby delivers a memorable performance via catchy as hell melodies and easy to relate to lyrics. 

Songs about love, whether good or bad, are always the ones that hit deepest for a lot of us.  On, “Lonely In Company”, Abby Wolfe expresses everything she has been holding back – confronting the person she is with and letting them know that enough is enough.  Giving her all to the relationship, she’s getting nothing but attitude, disregard and loneliness in return.  Sick of feeling alone, even when they are by her side, it is time for her so say exactly what she’s been holding in.  A powerful and relatable topic that is driven home by Abby’s impeccable delivery.

This one is a jam for me.

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