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Abe Parker has come through once again, delivering another piece of beautifully written, produced, and performed music. This time, the deeply connected artist delivers us a wonderfully reimagined and rewritten version of an original song from a well known classic POP group. It’s become an expectation for Abe to deliver excellence with every single he releases and Slipping Through My Fingers is no exception. Solemn, reflective and personal, Slipping Through My Fingers is truly haunting. With every word that Abe sings, it is easy to hear the emotion and regret in his voice. A melancholy piano melody guides listeners through the story of love lost, while Abe’s use of interesting trap sound effects give the song character, unique to the Atlanta based artist. The entirety of the song is a stripped down, softly played ballad conveying deep emotion, much like its predecessor from 70‘s POP group, ABBA. Although, the verses are rewritten to reflect Abe’s own experiences, the chorus remains the same as the original and with a darker, more somber delivery, the tune takes on a new life.

Slipping Through My Fingers by Abe Parker is another example of the creativity that this artist exhibits with every single he releases. To take a song from a band as well known as ABBA, reimagine the verses and the song structure, release it sounding completely different yet somehow obviously rooted in the original is no small feat. His latest release is a true testament to the artistry that Abe Parker possesses and more importantly his musical acumen.

As usual, Parker has delivered a song that burrows deep in your ear and keeps you singing to yourself all day long. Perfect to set on repeat and listen to, over and over, as rain beats against your closed window and you ponder past mistakes and missed chances. Be sure to get swept up in this wonderful rewrite cover of ABBA’s Slipping Through My Fingers and get lost with Abe Parker.

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