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Afrika Bambaataa Teams Up With Marcos Carnaval for ‘Freedom Dance’

For Marcos Carnaval, teaming up with Afrika Bambaataa has been a long time goal.  The legendary artist, known best for his classic hit, “Planet Rock“, is credited with helping to launch the Electro genre all the way back in 1982.  The groundbreaking single’s use of an 808 (the first in R&B) defined the sound that later went on to influence club DJs and producers around the world including Marcos Carnaval.

Now bringing things full circle and into the new age, the two artists have teamed up for a new release, “Freedom Dance“.  While Marcos handles the production, crafting a rhythmic, Tribal infused beat, Afrika Bambaataa delivers a crowd raising vocals with an energetic performance meant to get the club rocking.

“Freedom Dance”, is a worldly, crossover record meant to unite listeners from around the world on the dance floor. The combination of Carnaval and Bambaataa give us the perfect mix of Brazilian Funk and Electro.  The best of both worlds and an energetic, stand out release for the duo.

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