• Nicholas Zallo

After Funk Impress On New Single ‘Face in the Crowd’

As someone who calls himself a producer, I am sometimes forced to question what exactly the fuck it is that I am doing when I come across artists like After Funk – people with clear musical abilities and a vast knowledge of theory.

The Canadian outfit has recently released their latest single, “Face in the Crowd”, and it is an absolutely funky bomb.  First coming together when they met at the University of Western Ontario, the life long musicians soon began to create together – releasing their first EP in 2015 and closing out their first coast to coast North American tour in 2018.  If this tune is any indication – their live shows are most likely top notch. 

On, “Face in the Crowd”, the band pumps out a smooth, seductive and empowering tune.  Lead by Yanick’s sultry vocals – funky guitar, smooth organs, driving basslines and dynamic drums all meld together into an impressive musical display.  With the all live production, it is easy to hear how well this would translate live.

In all honesty, I’m kind of pissed I missed their tour last year.  Hopefully they get back to NYC soon.  I’ll be waiting.

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